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ADP Series Green Industrial UPS (10-800kVA)

Brief introduction:  

ADP Series adopts advanced dual DSP + FPGA full digital control technology, active power factor correction technology, space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technology, DC/DC bidirectional conversion technology, etc. according to industrial industry 

technical standards,is stable and highly reliable, meets the needs of users for a new generation of green power supply devices.

Main Features:

● Dual DSP+FPGA, high peripheral integration, large data and program storage, accurate A/D conversion, which all work to enhance the product reliability;

● The rectifier adopts a three-phase IGBT rectification topology, through active power factor correction technology, the input power factor is ≥0.99, and the input current harmonic distortion rate is ≤3%;
● The inverter uses space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technology to improve DC utilization while greatly improving product stability and efficiency, with 100% unbalanced load capacity;
● DC/DC bidirectional conversion technology is adopted on the DC side, which has perfected the battery management functions;
● Adopting N+X non-master-slave adaptive parallel connection technology, on-site debugging is convenient and fast, easy to achieve multiple parallel connection ;
● Standard output isolation transformer to achieve electrical isolation between UPS equipment and output load;
● High-power density design with compact structure. Isolation duct design is adopted to isolate the control part, power circuit and magnetic component duct, in order to improve the dust-proof ability of the plate effectively and enhance the adaptability of the equipment to environmental conditions;
● Friendly human-computer interface for easy operation with high-resolution touch screen;
● Perfect communication function. It can communicate with terminal monitoring, BMS and other devices through RS485, RS232, RJ45 and other communication interfaces.


ADP series is suitable for semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, rail transportation, upsizing machinery room, data exchange center, power dispatching center and other fields.

About Avic-tech (20211130)

Avic-Tech (Xiamen)Electric Power Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high-end power supply. Our flagship products are industrial UPS (1kVA-800kVA), dynamic voltage restorer (10kVA-3150kVA), and lithium battery system, which are widely used in nuclear power, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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