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AES Series Lithium Battery System (DC power system)

Brief introduction:  

The GZDW DC power system is the last guarantee for the power supply of the substation power system, and its reliability is related to 

the safety of the power supply of the entire power system. AVIC TOBTAK specially develops lithium battery solutions for GZDW DC 

power supply system for power users.

It uses high-quality lithium-ion ferrous phosphate battery to replace the original lead-acid batteries and built-in BMS management system, 

which greatly improves the reliability of the system, leading the development of low-carbon environmental protection in intelligent substations.

 Compared with lead-acid batteries, the lithium battery system saves about 70% of the space, reduces the weight by about 60%, and greatly

 reduce the system cooling demand, which has attracted extensive attention of power users.

Main Features:

 Replace the original lead-acid batteries directly

 Significant reduction in space and weight
 Covering DC110V/220V, 100-3000Ah
 Built-in BMS management system to improve the predictability and manageability of the system
 High-quality lithium-ion ferrous phosphate battery is used for longer life, higher safety and easier maintenance
 RS485, RS232, CAN bus and other ways are available for choice to achieve communication with terminal equipment



For DC power system

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