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Advanced Static VAR Generator (ASVG) (75-300kvar)



Brief introduction:  

Based on customers’ demand, ASVG Series advanced static var generator is designed to deal with power quality at low voltage side in distribution system, and is able to manage reactive current, harmonics current and three-phase imbalance current at same time. Compared with traditional capacitance compensation plan, this series have advantages of accurate compensation, bi-directional inductive and capacitive operation, quick response, and eradication of harmonic resonance in capacitance system; compared with traditional SVG plan, this series strengthen management capacity of harmonic waves and help products get better cost performance.


Main Features:

●Range of operation from -1 to 1, capable of inductive and capacitive adjustment;

●Designed according to industrial grades with high reliability, adaptable to harsh environment;

●Wide voltage wide frequency input range, suitable for harsh power environment;

● Several reactive power compensation modes to provide customers the most freedom;

● Distinct energy-saving mode, when load’s total current or harmonic current is too low, the system would separate from power system automatically to reduce unnecessary power consumption to the most;

●Thorough protection, including overload, default phase, overvoltage, short circuit, among others;

●Output part brings its own breaker, no need for single configuration, easy for use, save from  the trouble of self-matching;

● Special draw-off power module structure, closed air duct design, well heat dissipation;

● Enclosed laminated busbar technology, beautiful structure and compact craft;

●Core components made of international brands, 20-year life span;

● 7-inch full color touch screen, better for man-machine interaction.  



ASVG series advanced static var generator is suitable for electric power, petrochemical, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing, hospital, urban complex and other industrial and civic fields.  

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