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APF Series Active Power Filter (30-400A)

Brief introduction:

With modern electric equipment, people benefit from efficient work and convenient life, while at the same, they are also faced with the pollution of harmonic waves in power system. Rectification load, with a high proportion in all fields, is increasing continuously at the rate faster than that of power system construction. Despite of voltage amplitude, frequency (controlled largely by power house) and other power quality problems at users’ end, current or voltage wave distortion, reactive power fluctuation and three-phase imbalance caused by rectification of electric equipments weaken the reliability and utilization of electricity. Therefore, in order to handle new properties of electric equipments and new quality problems, it is necessary to carry out targeted administration on harmonic wave, reactive power, three-phase imbalance and other quality problems and phenomenon in users’ power system.


Main Features: 

Calculated according to quick FFT and instantaneous reactive power theory, equipped with single harmonic compensation;

Possess single harmonic compensation, set compensation rate flexibly to adapt to occasions with capacitor box and passive filter box

to maintain systematic safety and stability;

Excellent current tracking performance, distinct phase angle compensation technology, every harmonic compensation rate >97%

Set up relative compensation technology of targeted power factors to optimize APF’s use value;

 Distinct energy-saving mode, when load’s total current or harmonic current is too low, the system would separate from power system

automatically to reduce unnecessary power consumption to the most;

Thorough protection, including overload, default phase, overvoltage, short circuit, among others;

● Output part brings its own breaker, no need for single configuration, easy for use, save from  the trouble of self-matching;

Special draw-off power module structure, closed air duct design, well heat dissipation;

 Enclosed laminated busbar technology, beautiful structure and compact craft;

● Reinforcement design in case of super high or low temperature, high humidity and much dust in industries, no heating and ventilation

design of distribution room, suitable for harsh environment;

Core components made of international brands, 20-year life span;

● 7-inch full color touch screen, better for man-machine interaction.  



APF series active power filter is suitable in electricity, petroleum & gas industry, rail transit, manufacturing industry, hospital ,city complex and other industrial and civil fields


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