Avic-Tech AVR series Dynamic Voltage Restorer Passed A Full Set of Type Tests

Recently, Avic-Tech (Xiamen) Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Avic-Tech) independently designed, developed, and produced AVR series dynamic voltage restorer products, which passed the full type test of the National Electrical Control and Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

This type test is mainly carried out in accordance with DL / T 1229-2013 technical specification for dynamic voltage restorer, GB / T 15576-2008 technical specification for complete set of low voltage reactive power compensation device, DL / T 1216-2013 technical specification for static synchronous compensation device of distribution network, GB 7251.12-2013 complete set of low voltage switchgear and control equipment part 2: complete set of power switchgear and control equipment and other relevant standards. During the inspection for more than 20 days, the National Electric Control and Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has carried out perfect performance verification, long-term full load temperature rise test, 48-hour humidity resistance performance environmental test and EMC (surge, group pulse, radiation immunity, conduction immunity, electrostatic discharge) and other related tests on AVIC AVR dynamic voltage restorer. The test results meet and exceed the technical indicators of the relevant provisions of the standard.

Avic-Tech’s AVR series dynamic voltage restorer system is a new generation of power quality solution developed by our company in recent years. The single unit power is 10kva-1600kva, which has good governance effect on voltage sag (commonly known as "flicker"), voltage surge, short-term interruption, etc., and supports 100% drop of three-phase input voltage. In addition, in order to meet the application requirements of different regions, industries and occasions, the input and output voltages of the AVR series dynamic voltage restorer support 208/220/380/400/415/460 / 480V customization, without the need for users to configure additional buck-boost transformers. Compared with conventional high-power online UPS, the dynamic voltage restorer works in bypass mode when the power grid is normal, with small standby loss and efficiency ≥99%, which can greatly reduce long-term operating costs and improve equipment operating life and reliability; when a power quality problem occurs, the device can switch within 2ms-5ms, which meets the needs of most devices.


Avic-Tech AVR series dynamic voltage restorer uses high-quality supercapacitors as energy storage components, and independently developed a multi-layer high-precision supercapacitor management system, which achieves fine management and application of supercapacitors to ensure system charging and discharging frequency can reach 1 million times, and really achieve daily maintenance-free. Thanks to the excellent performance of the super capacitor system, the life cycle of the energy storage components and the dynamic voltage restorer host in the entire AVR system has reached the same level, which solves the problem that users need to replace lead-acid batteries multiple times in the life cycle of power management equipment . At the same time, AVR series dynamic voltage restorer can also be used with flywheel energy storage, and relevant prototype trial work is being carried out.

The National Electrical Control and Distribution Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is a laboratory that has passed the accreditation of China Conformity Assessment Committee, and has been approved by the accreditation commission and authorized by a certification body. "Testing Center" was established in 1985. It is a domestic experimental institution engaged in electrical monitoring and distribution equipment quality monitoring, new product testing, acceptance, product certification, and quality arbitration inspection. It has obtained the laboratory accreditation of the National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment of China ( CANS), with a series of quality inspection related certification qualifications such as Quality Supervision and Inspection Agency Certification (CAL) and Metrology Certification Qualification (CMA), is authoritative and credible in the industry.

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