AVIC-TECH accepts the first site research after obtaining two nuclear power certificates

On September 8th, the leaders of the North China Nuclear and Radiation Safety Supervision Station of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the leaders of China National Nuclear Corporation came to AVIC-TECH to launch the first site research after AVIC-TECH obtain “People's Republic of China Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Design License" and" People's Republic of China Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Manufacturing License " issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration.


This research is mainly to understand and grasp the various work carried out by the company on nuclear power after obtaining the license, the progress achieved and the operation of the "nuclear quality assurance system".


Chen Wenquan, Chairman of AVIC-TECH, and Hu Xinyi, General Manager of Nuclear Power Division first introduced the company's culture and development history to the leaders in detail, and focused on reporting the work carried out by the company after obtaining the license and the operation of the "nuclear quality assurance system". Then, accompanied by the visit to the design area, production area, commissioning area, aging room and other design and manufacturing sites of AVIC-TECH nuclear power equipment. Finally, listen to the relevant opinions and suggestions of leaders on the promotion of "nuclear safety culture", "nuclear laws and regulations" and "nuclear quality assurance system" of AVIC-TECH.


As the first domestic UPS manufacturer of nuclear power plant in China, AVIC-TECH 's ups and inverter for nuclear power have been successively applied to Guangdong Yangjiang nuclear power plant, Guangdong Daya Bay nuclear power plant, Shandong Shidao Bay nuclear power plant, Liaoning xudabao nuclear power plant At the same time, the company has won the bid for class 1E Power System Transformation Project of Tianwan nuclear power station and conventional island projects of Lufeng nuclear power station, Fuqing nuclear power station and Fangchenggang nuclear power station.

In the future, AVIC-TECH will always adheres to the core values of "All In for Reliability", earnestly implements the nuclear safety culture of "safety first, quality first", and continues to provide customers with safe and reliable products and services. We believe that "let China fall in love with made in China" is not a slogan, but a source of strength and original intention for our practice!

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