AVIC-TECH Industrial UPS Provides Uninterrupted Power Guarantee for Leading Global IC Manufacturers

In today's economic globalization, China has become the "manufacturing center of the world", and multinational companies have set up production bases in China, which has promoted the rapid development of the overall level of China's manufacturing industry.

With the introduction of advanced production equipment, in order to improve their own power safety, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve the existing operating environment. In 2006, after strict review in many aspects, AVIC-TECH industrial UPS system stood out with high reliability, high adaptability, rich user base and excellent service ability. Since then, a leading integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise has begun to purchase ups from AVIC-TECH in bulk to ensure the normal operation of its production line.

AVIC-TECH adopts an integrated solution according to user needs, solving the problems of different voltage levels, different frequency levels of equipment in different countries in the original split solution and not being monitored by the UPS hostwhich not only reduces the area, improves the availability, but also saves the cost for users. Through on-site load analysis and on-site environment survey, AVIC-TECH overcome difficulties, and redesigned and adjusted parts of the UPS system and the electrical parameters of the componentsprovided with a "tailored" solution to the users on time. This solution has many advantages such as strong stability, high reliability, and strong expandability. It meets the special requirements of user protection level, simple system architecture, simple operation, and system reliability. It guarantees that the UPS can continuously and reliably provide high reliable power supply  for its FAB machine equipment and factory servicesin case of power failure of on-site power supply system.

For more than ten years, AVIC-TEHC's UPS system is the only UPS product in the global integrated circuit manufacturing leading company factory that has not been urgently repaired, which is highly praised.

The features of the AVIC-TECH's UPS for semiconductor industry are :

1. High-engineering modular system solution: user-centered research and evaluation of the power environment, load environment, space, and climate environment, which greatly improves the reliability and applicability of the UPS system.

2. High immunity design: While ensuring the stability of the output power, the performance and life of the UPS are not affected by the environment.

3. Pluggable power module design: Realize UPS rapid maintenance and repair, improve the speed of maintenance and fault detection.

4. Inverter three-phase independent design: fully meets 100% unbalanced load requirements

5. Power redundancy design: with higher performance and stronger adaptability.

AVIC-TECH has cultivated talents, continuously innovated, mastered the core technology of power electronic products, created high standard military quality, and rapidly provided customers with personalized products. The company has nearly 100 technical patents, including 11 invention patents and 15 software copyrights. Be responsible for the preparation of UPS technical specifications for power industry, participate in the preparation of 1E UPS / inverter equipment qualification program of nuclear power plant, and draft technical standards for UPS / inverter products of nuclear power plant.

AVIC -TECH always practices the core values of "All In for Reliability", and continues to provide customers with safe and reliable products and services. We believe that "let China fall in love with made in China" is not a slogan, but a source of strength and original intention for practice.

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