AVIC-TECH AHP Series UPS for Marine is certified by China Classification Society

Recently, the AHP series UPS for Marine which independently designed, developed and produced by Avic-Tech (Xiamen) Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Avic-Tech") have obtained the type approval certificate of China Classification Society (hereinafter referred to as "CCS").

China Classification Society is the only professional organization engaged in ship classification inspection business in China, with high professionalism and authority.

The quality system related to the design, purchase, production and inspection of products applied by Avic-Tech has passed the rigorous review of CCS. The results show that the AHP series UPS for Marine fully meets the requirements of CCS professional quality system, the approval standard: CCS code for classification of steel sea going vessels (2015) and the requirements of relevant provisionswith Avic-Tech’s  ability and conditions to produce.

Product Introduction:

Adopt advanced DSP control technology, customized development for the practical application environment of ships and offshore platforms, fully meet the severe environment of high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt spray, and provide customized system solutions according to users’ needs.

TOBTAK's AHP series UPS for Marine covers three phase in/out and three phase-in single phase-out, with capacities ranging from 10kVA to 120kVA, to meet the needs of ships and offshore facilities.


All products of the series have passed the certification of classification society;

The standards of equipment and safety, and EMC fully meet the requirements of IEC62040;

Truly achieve electrical isolation with ultra-isolated system architecture design,

High-performance three-phase power protection system, customized design to meet the maritime application environment;

Isolated air duct design, power circuit and control circuit adopt independent air duct respectively to ensure good heat dissipation effect;

Adopt asbestos-free design, both the main engine and accessories are asbestos-free ,meeting the requirements of classification society certification;

Adopt anti-vibration structure design, with higher performance and stronger adaptability;

DC cold start function with battery test and battery anti-reverse technology;

Equipped with RS232 / RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces, support SNMP / MODBUS / remote monitoring.

Avic-Tech AHP series UPS for Marine can be widely used in various civil and military offshore drilling platforms, ships, warships, submarines, mobile platforms and various floating buildings or marine facilities. This series of products have been successfully applied to CNOOC Bohai Bay offshore drilling platform, a large scientific research ship and other places, providing safe and reliable power supply for key equipment.

The successful acquisition of the CCS type approval certificate demonstrates AVIC's technical strength and determination to serve the offshore industry market. It has also implemented the core value of "everything for reliability" and formed an industrial UPS manufacturer with professional characteristics, such as : 1E-class UPS for nuclear power plants, UPS for electric power , UPS for rail transit, industrial UPS ... Now, the certification will help the company expand new business areas. Avic-Tech will continue to uphold "Let China fall in love with China-made ", and strive to contribute due wisdom and strength to the development of the global offshore industry!

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