Avic-Tech appeared in 2017 Hanover industrial exhibition in Germany -- focusing on "personalized solutions"

From April 24 to 28, the annual Hannover Industrial Expo (Hannover Industrial Expo) focuses the global attention on the latest achievements of current industrial development and the new trend of future industrial development. Industrial automation, digital factory, new energy system, etc. have become hot spots of the exhibition.


We think that the most impressive feature of Hanover industrial exhibition in 2017 is that it focuses on a specific technology, emphasizes the ability to provide personalized solutions, and focuses more on providing point-to-point personalized solutions for customers. Hannover industrial exhibition witnessed the development process of industry 4.0 from concept to large-scale landing. Since 2014, Hannover industrial exhibition has always focused on the concept of "industry 4.0". This year, Hanover's theme is "industrial integration - creating value". It has strong application guidance significance. Both hardware and software can provide a very specific set of industrial 4.0 solutions.


As a company with good reputation in the global industrial UPS industry, Avic-Tech (Xiamen) Power Technology Co., Ltd. is the first listed enterprise of industrial customized UPS power supply in China, the first enterprise to produce industrial ups and power ups in China, and the first enterprise to produce a new generation of green industrial UPS in China. It has been deeply involved in the field of industrial power supply for more than ten years and is specialized in providing efficient and reliable power supply solutions to global customers. The characteristics of focusing on customized solutions for high-end industrial power supply coincide with the highlights of this exhibition.


At the exhibition, Avic-Tech’s ability of "quickly providing customers with customized products" attracted the attention of many experts and industry users at home and abroad. The company's main characteristic products: industrial UPS, APF series active power filter, ASVG series static var generator, amp series aeronautical ground static power supply, etc., have left a deep impression on customers with precise quality and fine design. In particular, the on-site display of the physical machine makes customers feel a good use experience and lays a solid foundation for the future expansion of the international market.


Avic-Tech has cultivated talents, continuously innovated, mastered the core technology of power electronic products, created high standard military quality, adhered to the method of "high engineering component", complied with the trend of "industry 4.0", carried forward the attitude of "craftsman spirit", tackled difficulties, quickly and effectively provided users with customized products, and committed to providing global customers with high efficiency. power solutions. We believe that "let China fall in love with made in China" is not a slogan, but a source of strength and original intention for our practice.

About Avic-tech

Avic-Tech (Xiamen)Electric Power Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high-end power supply. Our flagship products are industrial UPS (1kVA-800kVA), dynamic voltage restorer (10kVA-2000kVA), and lithium battery system, which are widely used in nuclear power, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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