Smart grid construction will bring 300 billion yuan in power smart equipment demand

Intelligent power grid construction is the main source of pull electric equipment need to increase rapidly in a long term.During the"Twelfth Five-Year" period, our country will build 20 or 30 intelligent power grid technology demonstration projects, and 5 or 10 intelligent power grid demonstration cities, 50 intelligent power grid demonstration areas. It is estimated that the construction of power grid intelligent will reach a building peak, in the next five years, it will bring amounts of electric intelligent equipment needs worthy of 300 billion.

The intelligent of power supply and dispatch means a large scale of input of intermittent new energy power supply , which helps realize smart coordination of power grid control system. Research and report about development of power generation of new energy in China issued by China electric enterprises joint meeting, which mentioned plan, aims and layout recommended solution. The planning is the in 2015,wind power installed capacity reaches 100 million kilowatts, capacity of power generating from solar energy reaches 5000 thousand kilowatts or so, marine power generating installed capacity reaches 10 thousand kilowatts. With the increase of intermittent and unstable new energy power installed capacity, parallel grid proportion is increasing constantly, power grid is under challenge, demand for intelligent power grid is becoming more desperate. According to related technology criteria and system requirements of renewable energy grid-connected, realizing friendly grid-connected multiple combinations of operate ways sent by intermittent renewable energy, exact prediction of power supply frequency and intelligent dispatch control function. Frequency prediction and operation monitor system is required by power grid to build on intermittent new energy whose capacity is at least 30 thousand kilowatts, it will expand need of intermittent grid-connected new energy.

According to the report issued by China electric Co, market price of inverter, converter, wind power and solar power generator during "Twelfth Five-Year" period, rough prediction of broad total market capacity is about 11.4 billion yuan in the field of new energy power supply in the next 3 years after "Twelfth Five-Year". The total demand of the photovoltaic inverter market is expected to reach 8.5 billion yuan, it is estimated the total demand of wind power converter is going to reach 2.9 billion yuan.


Intelligent transmission link mainly means flexible transmission system of AC and DC, control and regulate electric system operation parameter or internet parameter of AC and DC by using the device composed of high power electronic electric components, optimize operating status of electric system, improve transmission capability of AC and DC electric power system line. The construction of system will increase demand growth of online monitor equipment and AC/DC flexible transmission static reactive power compensator, as well as static synchronous compensator.

It is estimated that the late "Twelfth Five-Year" period will be the golden period for flexible transmission to develop rapidly, demands for equipment brought by investment will pass 19 billion yuan.

Smart intelligent substation plays as an important part in connecting new energy to grid as wind power and solar power. National power grid issued supplementary regulations on the newly-design substation in 2011, which requires the design of substation that above 110(66)kilowattsshould conform to the standard of smart substation. It is expected that the ratio of intelligent substation that above110(66) kilowatts accounts for 30% of total number , and domestic market capacity will be above 50 billion by 2015.


The intelligence of distribution equipment and substation system refers to automated terminal and master station distributed by city power grid, including

32 provincial capital cities, 283 prefecture-level cities and 2010 county-level cities. The capacity of distribution intelligent terminals and master station will reach 23 billion and 3.6 billion respectively during the period if intelligence ratio up to 40%. There is huge potential for automatic distribution in the future. 

User electricity information collection system is to collect and analysis electricity through data of terminal users and distribution transformer, in order to realize electricity inspection ,automatic recording, load estimation and save energy through the ways of electricity monitor, promoting ladder price and peak price, load management and line damage analysis. This system mainly needs smart electric meter, concentrator, collector and electricity information collection management system. Smart electric using market will maintain 20%-30% growth speed annually in the next 2 or 3 years, and its market capacity is about 120 billion yuan.

The final goal is to basically build a smart grid characterized by informatization, automation, and interaction by 2015, it will promote national power grid to upgrade and transform from traditional way to modern power grid, which will become more effective, economic, clean and interactive. It will create more needs and opportunities for electric equipment suppliers.

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