Is UPS + Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery the Best Power Backup Combination?

Lithium battery technology for UPS has become increasingly developed in China, and lead-acid batteries are being withdrawn from their long term use. This creates a valuable opportunity for the new trend of using environmental friendly lithium battery power supply. The advantages of UPS using lithium iron phosphate battery are significantly better than those with lead-acid battery and this gap will continue to grow as lithium battery technology continues to develop.


UPS + Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery… a giant power bank

UPS power supply + lithium iron phosphate battery is the perfect embodiment of a "giant power bank". As an energy storage battery, lithium iron phosphate battery has the remarkable characteristics of high reliability, long cycle service life and durability. It has been widely used in backup energy storage power supplies such as communication power supply, power DC power supply, UPS power supply and EPS power supply.


Urban development is inseparable from electricity. The speed that information has to go through makes the society unable to get rid of their dependence on electricity. Facing the increasing demand for power services, UPS + lithium iron phosphate battery backup can provide a perfect solution as a giant power bank” to provide 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. The application of lithium iron phosphate battery in the communication industry and some well-known brands of high-power UPS are increasing. There are also growing interest in lithium-ion batteries in data centers applications.


The Solution of lithium iron phosphate battery + UPS


There are a few important aspects that make up a perfect lithium battery + UPS.


1)       Select the most reliable lithium battery. Whether in mobile base stations or big data centers, lithium battery packs have stability than other type of batteries.


2)       There must be an intelligent system to control the lithium battery’s charging and discharging. This is called a battery’s BMS (Battery Management System). Each battery module will be connected to a BMS to make sure the battery is at its optimal working condition.


3)       AI and big data can be used to evaluate, predict and analyze the performance and life cycle of the batteries. This helps ensure safety and major data to assist future development of lithium battery technology.


Advantages of Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery as Backup Power Supply for UPS


1. Small volume and light weight

The volume of lithium iron phosphate battery with the same specification and capacity is 2/3 of that of lead-acid battery, and the weight is 1/3 of that of lead-acid battery. This is a significant decrease in space needed and weight.


2. Environmental friendly

Lithium iron phosphate battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, and its production, transportation, use and waste will not cause pollution harmful to the human body and the environment.


3. High durability

When a battery is always kept at full charge, the capacity will quickly diminishes and become lower than the rated capacity. This phenomenon is called memory effect. Lithium iron phosphate battery does not have this phenomenon because no matter which state the battery is in, it can be used as soon as it is charged without first discharging and then charging.


4. Low maintenance cost

The lithium iron phosphate battery is sealed and maintenance free. It is modularized and installed in the chassis. Centralized network management monitoring is adopted to reduce the operation and maintenance cost.


5. High efficiency battery management

Lithium iron phosphate battery has overcharge, over discharge, over-current, short circuit protection and temperature protection.


What should we pay attention to when using lithium iron phosphate battery?


1)       Temperature:

Lithium iron phosphate battery is not suitable to high temperature. Long term overheating will greatly reduce the service life of lithium batteries. In serious cases, the increase of internal pressure will lead to an explosion. Even if there is no explosion, lithium batteries will quickly degrades under high temperatures and cannot be restored.


2)       High current:

If the cell you use is lower than your discharge current, the temperature of lithium iron phosphate battery will be too high and the current will be too large. The service life will be shortened, and the bulge will be scrapped. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate cell!


3)      Fully charged storage:

Lithium iron phosphate batteries can generally be stored for a long time. It is better to charge 50% of the batteries for safety reasons. If it is stored at full power for a long time, the capacity of lithium battery will be reduced. It should also be noted that better BMS should be selected.


4)       Proper charging equipment:

When charging and discharging, the current of the charger and the general current load of the consumer shall be within the specified range. Excessive current load can very easily cause internal short circuit of lithium iron phosphate battery, thus damaging lithium ions and causing potential safety hazards of the circuit. Similarly, the same is true for the voltage of rechargeable charger. Therefore, we should also pay attention to whether the charger is qualified when using the charger.


Conclusion: Lithium iron phosphate battery pack is more and more widely used because of its high safety, especially in UPS lithium battery.


We welcome you to discuss solutions in the process of selecting and using lithium iron phosphate battery for its highest safety, efficiency while saving energy and being mindful to the environment.

(From magazine UPS Application)

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