The requirements of UPS for aviation equipment system (2/2)

1. Demand analysis of power support for aerospace office system

The power support objects of aerospace office system include: department office automation, aerospace center server, aerospace system telephone transceiver, radar, aircraft landing navigation control system and other power support systems.

The power supply of the aerospace office system is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the whole Aerospace daily work. The system is the carrier of communication between the support departments and the upper and lower levels. In this era of highly developed information technology, the interconnection between Aerospace organizations, and between aerospace and passengers, when the system is shut down due to inadequate power supply, the basic data of aviation and Astronautics, as well as the communication between the aviation and aerospace organizations, and the passengers are interconnected Significant related events will cause losses to a certain extent. Therefore, the construction of UPS power support system is an important factor to ensure the normal operation of aerospace.

2. Analysis of power supply demand of outdoor Aerospace public service system (extranet):

The power supply objects of aerospace public service system include: lighting system, runway, control tower signal system, central dispatching computer, information transmission, dual machine hot standby server of aerospace system.

Outdoor system and equipment as the key component of intelligent aerospace system, whether it can work normally, in addition to equipment or system performance and quality impact, the biggest harm is the power guarantee and power quality; the construction of three-dimensional UPS uninterrupted power supply guarantee system is the foundation of Aerospace Safety!

Generally speaking, the construction of core computer room for aviation users has high requirements in all dimensions, especially in the selection of key infrastructure such as UPS power supply system and thermal management system, which requires high performance in all aspects, and reliability is the top priority.

UPS is a kind of power supply equipment specially developed and produced for military industry, military units, air force, civil aviation and other departments for aircraft and airborne equipment ground power supply needs. It can be widely used in aircraft hangar, apron, air bridge, electronic workshop, laboratory and other places. The product adopts modular design with small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency and good stability.

(From magazine UPS Application)

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