The requirements of UPS for aviation equipment system (1/2)

The aviation industry has very special, even severe, reliability requirements for UPS. UPS is widely used in aircraft manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, aerospace equipment manufacturing, aerospace control, military detection system, radar, national defense, warship, military vehicle equipment and other fields.

Requirements of UPS for aviation equipment system In recent years, the business volume of aerospace institutions has maintained a rapid development trend, and the increasing number of routes also puts forward higher requirements for air traffic control system. The object classification of aerospace industry power support can be divided into aerospace office and public service. How to ensure the normal operation of internal and external network systems and equipment is the focus of our analysis.

In civil aviation system, UPS is the necessary equipment to ensure reliable power supply. However, any single UPS can not guarantee 100% power supply availability. Therefore, redundancy configuration is the preferred solution. At present, no matter the ATC building, radar station or beacon station, almost all adopt UPS redundancy configuration scheme, so that the availability has been greatly improved. UPS power supply is used in military, civil airport and ground inspection and maintenance base. It is the replacement product of unit type variable frequency power supply.

(From magazine UPS Application)

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