Explanation of four maintenance methods for UPS battery (1/2)

Explanation of four maintenance methods for UPS battery (common Encyclopedia) UPS application on December 16, 2016, many people think that the battery does not need maintenance, especially when using UPS power supply. However, in fact, the problems caused by the lack of maintenance of batteries account for a high proportion of all UPS failures. Therefore, routine maintenance of UPS battery will greatly extend the ups battery life and reduce the failure rate.

The following will introduce the ups battery maintenance methods:

1. To maintain a suitable ambient temperature

Generally speaking the larger factor affecting the battery life is the ambient temperature. Generally, the best ambient temperature required by battery manufacturers is between 20-25 . Although the increase of temperature can improve the discharge capacity of the battery, the cost is that the battery life is greatly shortened. According to the test, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 , the battery life will be shortened by half every 10 . At present, the batteries used in ups are generally maintenance free sealed lead-acid batteries, and the design life is generally 5 years, which can be achieved in the environment required by battery manufacturers. If the environmental requirements are not met, there will be great differences in the length of their life. In addition, the increase of ambient temperature will lead to the enhancement of internal chemical activity of the battery, which will generate a lot of heat energy, which in turn will promote the ambient temperature rise. This vicious cycle will accelerate the shortening of battery life.

(From magazine UPS Application - December 16, 2016)

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