The importance of voltage regulator and UPS power supply to medical equipment (3/3)

Measures to ensure the stable operation of medical equipment at present

In the use of medical equipment, there are common problems such as power instability and electromagnetic interference, which have certain security risks for the normal use of medical equipment.

1.    Branch power supply can adopt multi branch isolation transformer to supply power separately for equipment with high power requirements, which can effectively avoid mutual interference of various equipment in power consumption. At the same time, some important equipment can be equipped with special AC voltage regulator or UPS uninterruptible power supply, so as to ensure the safe operation of medical equipment.

2.    Equipped with power quality purification device, the stable operation of the equipment can be ensured by using AC voltage regulator and high frequency power filter, and the interference of electromagnetic wave on power line transmission process can be reduced. Through the installation of AC voltage regulator, it can also effectively suppress the occurrence of transient high voltage and instantaneous drop caused by surge. In addition, the external interference to the power supply can be reduced by connecting the ground wire.

Conclusion end

Medical equipment is a kind of equipment with very high requirements for power quality. The decline of power quality will make the use of medical equipment unstable, which may cause medical equipment to stop using, or even damage the equipment, causing medical accidents. Therefore, the configuration of regulated power supply and UPS power supply plays an important role in ensuring the safe and normal use of medical equipment, which is of great significance to further improve the medical quality.

(From magazine UPS Application - February 2, 2018)

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