The importance of voltage regulator and UPS power supply to medical equipment (2/3)

Selection of Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

According to statistics, medical equipment in villages and towns suffers more than 50 times of power supply interference every month, which mainly includes voltage change, power failure (including short-term power failure in milliseconds), phase loss, poor phase balance, etc. Most of these interferences can not be perceived and can not be distinguished by naked eyes, so they are easy to be ignored. However, they usually affect the normal and safe use of equipment. Therefore, through the installation of ups in medical equipment, it can effectively prevent the impact of equipment instantaneous current impact, data loss caused by sudden power failure or sudden stop of work on the equipment. In the selection of UPS, the following points should be noted:

1.    Usually, the power value of UPS is expressed by VA. When choosing the UPS power supply, the VA value of medical equipment should be calculated first and a certain margin should be reserved to determine the power of ups.

2.    The types of UPS output waveforms are usually divided into square wave backup mode, sine wave online interactive mode and online mode. Zero second harmonic conversion is characteristic of sine wave. Medical equipment is a kind of high-precision instrument, which requires high quality of power supply. In the actual use process, online UPS power supply is usually selected to avoid power interference.

3.    Battery capacity selection: the capacity of backup battery can be divided into standard machine and extension machine. The battery of standard machine is built-in, which can extend the service time of equipment by 10-15 minutes after power failure. The extension machine is generally equipped with battery cabinet, which can extend the time for a longer time. In practical application, it is usually selected according to the needs.

(From magazine UPS Application - February 2, 2018)

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