The importance of voltage regulator and UPS power supply to medical equipment (1/3)

As an important tool for doctors to diagnose and treat patients, medical equipment plays a very important role in the development of the hospital. In order to ensure the normal operation of medical equipment, the branch must have stable and reliable power supply. The quality of power supply directly affects the use of medical equipment.

With the progress of medical science and technology, a variety of precision instruments and equipment are widely used in the medical field. The introduction of these equipment plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Due to the high requirements for the quality and voltage of the power supply, if the quality of the power supply is poor, it is easy to cause the data loss caused by the crash, component damage and program execution error in the operation process of the medical equipment, which will cause great potential medical safety hazard and bring a lot of economic losses to the hospital. At present, hospitals generally use AC voltage regulator and UPS to ensure the normal and safe operation of medical equipment.

Selection of stabilized power supply

At present, there are many kinds of regulated power supply in the market, such as electronic voltage regulator, AC compensation voltage regulator, numerical control contactless voltage regulator, etc. the following aspects should be paid attention to when telling the regulated power supply:

1. The response time of the power supply and the response time of the voltage regulator will be directly reflected on the medical equipment. The CNC contactless voltage regulator is an electronic module structure. It uses sinusoidal energy distributor technology to achieve the purpose of voltage regulator control by controlling the size of thermistor conduction angle, and integrates voltage stabilization and anti-interference. Its response speed is 4ms / step, which is the fastest of all AC voltage regulators. The general mechanical voltage regulator uses the rotation of the motor to drive the carbon brush to slide back and forth on the autotransformer to achieve the purpose of voltage stabilization. Its production cost is relatively low, economical and practical, and can meet the voltage stabilizing requirements of most equipment. But in terms of response speed, NC contactless voltage regulator is undoubtedly dominant. It is usually used in the voltage stabilization of high-precision equipment such as B-ultrasound and hemodialysis machine.

2. The voltage stabilization accuracy of mechanical voltage regulator is ± 2%. Generally, Dr, CT, Mr NMR instrument and other instruments do not have high requirements on voltage stabilization accuracy, so mechanical voltage regulator can be selected. However, due to power grid quality and neutral point deviation, the output phase voltage of 220 V and line voltage of 380 V can not all achieve the expected voltage stabilization effect. In view of this situation, the zero line generator, with the use of AC voltage regulator, can make the phase and line voltage can be accurate output.

3. Whether there is filtering performance in medical equipment, some imported instruments, such as blood cell analyzer, have very high requirements for power supply. Usually, the power supply it needs has a high voltage stabilizing ability. Some subtle changes may cause it to fail to work normally. In this case, it is necessary to use the SWDT-NC contactless voltage regulator whose harmonic content of the final output waveform is less than 5%.

(From magazine UPS Application - February 2, 2018)

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