Application of industrial UPS in automobile welding robot anti electric shock (3/3)

Characteristics of power frequency industrial UPS solution

n  High engineering component system solution

The reliability and applicability of UPS system are greatly improved by taking the user as the center and jointly studying and judging the power consumption environment, load environment, space and climate environment.

n  Safety and reliability

Safe and reliable operation of the system is the most fundamental requirement of every industrial system, and the safety and reliability of power supply (backup power supply or security power supply) system is the lifeblood of the system. For industrial equipment with high degree of automation, the safety and reliability of power system operation is particularly important. According to the above principles, in the preliminary design, the industrial UPS system is selected to ensure the safety and reliability of the components. In the design of the cabinet, the grounding, ventilation and moisture-proof design of the cabinet are fully considered, so that the reliability of the whole system is greatly improved in hardware. The structured and modular design of UPS software enhances the hierarchical fault-tolerant design of the system, prevents the system from entering the passive out of control state, strengthens the function of fault detection and alarm and emergency treatment, and improves the security of the system.

n  Real time

The industrial UPS core control chip adopts the original imported high-performance digital signal processor and distributed control system. Compared with the traditional equipment composed of microprocessor, UPS has higher output voltage quality, better dynamic performance, better real-time performance, and more rapid emergency processing ability. Therefore, it is more suitable for harsh grid environment, The reliability of the whole machine has been improved.

n  Ease of operation

The design of man-machine operation of the system fully considers its convenience, beauty and practicality. The user interface and interface design fully consider the structural characteristics and visual characteristics of human body to optimize the design; the interface is beautiful and easy to operate, and the LCD display interface is fully Chinese display.

n  Maintainability

Industrial UPS adopts pluggable module design to improve the speed of system maintenance and fault detection, and shorten the average maintenance time of the system (MTTR < 0.5hour).

n  Progressiveness

On the premise of meeting the overall operation requirements and safety and reliability, the main equipment selection of the system conforms to the development trend of computer technology and power electronic technology, which can ensure that there is no need to update for a long time in the future, so as to realize the smooth upgrading and expansion requirements of the system in the future.

n  Openness

The selection of the main equipment of the system considers the networking with the computer monitoring system. The monitoring system has good access function of hardware and software, and the hardware and software have good openness, which ensures the interconnection between the power supply system and other systems and the system expansion.

n  Anti-interference

The external interface design of the main equipment of the power supply system adopts special anti-static, anti-high-voltage pulse train and lightning protection design. All electrical equipment are reliably grounded. The software adopts self-diagnosis measures and adopts super isolation technology to effectively prevent electromagnetic wave, radio and static interference from intruding into the main equipment of the power supply system, so as to avoid damage and misoperation of the system equipment.

(From magazine UPS Application - November 7 2017)

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