Research on partial discharge monitoring and localization method in an automatic directional way in substations

The partial discharge (PD) monitoring is of great significance for the discovery of insulation defect and the reduction of equipment insulation breakdown fault. However, recent PD monitoring and localization methods based on fixed antenna array still cannot achieve multi-dimensional, large- scale and high-precision monitoring. Therefore, automatic directional equipment including a mechanical structure and an antenna array is designed and a monitoring and localization method suited to the equipment is proposed. First, the PD monitoring and localization system distinguishes PD signals according to characteristics of signals by N-Q-∅ and other graphs. And then the control signals delivering to the mechanical structure can be determined from the perspective of spatial geometric relationships. Thus the orientation of the antenna array can be adjusted through the mechanical structure. Gradually the time difference will be controlled within a preset threshold under the closed loop regulation. And this time where the laser pointer in the center of this array pointed is the PD source. Finally the monitoring and localization of the PD source is completed. The monitoring and localization experiment system is established to test above method. The results show that the experiment system can detect the local discharge signal effectively and locate the PD source accurately, which is of important meaning for the realization of large-scale PD monitoring and localization.(from magazine Electrotechnical Application5/2020 on theoretical analysis.)

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