Application of ups in urban rail transit (3)

In UPS power supply system, there are distribution cabinet and circuit breaker between the output terminal and the load. In case of maintenance or failure, the above configuration will cause load power failure, that is, although the failure rate of the system is reduced, the maintainability has not been completely solved. Therefore, dual bus redundancy configuration can be adopted. Two sets of UPS system 1 and UPS system 2 are set up in this scheme. In rail transit, the dual bus redundant power supply mode is adopted for each electromechanical system to increase the stability and reliability of the system, eliminate the single point bottleneck fault hidden trouble that may appear between the ups output terminal and the load end of the final subway user, and improve the fault tolerance function of the output power supply system.

The centralized power supply system can monitor and manage the ups on a PC through the background monitoring software, and the decentralized power supply system can achieve the same effect with more investment. In Shenzhen line 3, centralized power supply mode has been adopted, and many newly designed lines are also adopting centralized power supply mode. However, there are many motor loads in the PSD system, and there will be a large impact current when starting, which will impact the UPS inverter, resulting in overload or bypass. Therefore, it is generally recommended to supply power separately.

The capacity of UPS is determined according to the total load capacity, which can be generally selected according to the following formula: UPS capacity load capacity / 0.8, that is, the load capacity is less than 80% of the rated capacity of ups. The selection of 80% load is mainly based on the load starting impulse current and the need for future expansion. When configuring UPS batteries, it should be noted that since UPS usually uses a large number of battery packs as backup power supply, with many batteries and heavy weight, the calculation of load should be concerned in the design room. Users can calculate the type and weight of batteries according to the required UPS capacity, and propose structural load-bearing reinforcement with the builder or designer or use scattered racks when preparing for the construction and decoration of the computer room. If the ups capacity is very small, then There is no need to consider. The bearing capacity of the UPS system installation floor must be considered when installing. The ups battery cabinet should be installed on the ground floor or load beam.

It is concluded that end urban rail transit project is a century old project and people's livelihood project. Reasonable use of UPS structure and power supply mode will have a great impact on the safety and economy of rail transit electromechanical system.

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