Application of ups in urban rail transit (1)

Rail transit UPS power supply is an important equipment to provide continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply. UPS device should be used in the main power supply of urban rail transit electromechanical system to ensure the normal operation of power supply. This paper analyzes the redundant power supply mode and capacity calculation of ups in urban rail transit.

In recent years, with the rapid development of urban rail transit, the electromechanical systems are platforms for rail transit operation command, enterprise management, passenger service and information transmission, ensuring safe and efficient train operation and providing high-quality services for passengers. Among them, the reliability of power supply equipment has become the top priority. There are various loads in the city power grid, which cause interference and pollution to the power grid, worsen the quality of power supply and affect the normal operation of the load. The construction purpose of UPS power supply system is to provide high-quality, uninterrupted power supply for electrical equipment of electromechanical system through UPS power supply system, so as to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.

Types of UPS: UPS is mainly composed of rectifier, battery, inverter and static switch. UPS is divided into the following types:

1. On-line ups

UPS has always made its inverter work. It first converts the external AC into DC through the circuit, and then converts the DC to AC through the inverter and outputs it to the load. In case of power failure, the standby DC power supply (battery pack) is used to supply power to the inverter. Since the inverter has been working all the time, there is no problem of switching time, which is suitable for occasions with strict requirements on power supply.

2. Backup UPS

Usually in the state of battery charging, the inverter switches to the working state in case of power failure, which transforms the DC power provided by the battery into stable AC output, so the backup UPS is also called offline ups.

3. Online Interactive UPS

This is an intelligent UPS. When the input power is normal, the UPS inverter is in reverse working to charge the battery pack. When the mains power is abnormal, the inverter will immediately put into operation to convert the battery voltage to AC output. Therefore, Online Interactive UPS has conversion time. In the urban rail transit system, the load of each electromechanical system requires high reliability of power supply, so the main power supply UPS of each electromechanical system is generally online to improve the reliability and stability of the whole system.

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