How to apply special UPS power supply in power industry

Special UPS power supply for power plants, substations and power distribution is a power supply product specially designed for power 

plants, substations and power distribution. It has the function of double conversion online and zero conversion.

1.  It can make full use of the 220 V / 110 V high-capacity battery pack in the power industry, maximize the backup time of UPS, and save the installation time of the battery pack.

2.  Special UPS power supply can adapt to the harsh power grid environment of the power industry and meet the load demand of the power industry. At the same time, users can no longer worry about the three-phase imbalance of the load.

3.  The ability of dry contact monitoring signal to report fault in time is helpful for users to monitor UPS power supply in real time.

4.  1 + 1 redundant parallel operation mode can improve the security of power supply system and meet the demand of power industry users for high reliability of ups.

5.  The use of bypass blocking transformer can achieve the complete isolation of input and output, and ensure that the output zero to ground voltage is less than 1V.

The reliability of the barrier and the auxiliary voltage stabilizing bypass of the UPS power supply is higher than that of the ordinary UPS power supply. In addition, power supply is used in power supply, power supply and so on.

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