Experimental study on combined pressurization of 10 kV zinc oxide surge arrester under different contaminant concentrations

In order to test the freewheeling interruption capacity of 10 kV series gap zinc oxide surge arrester and the pollution performance of the arrester under different pollution concentrations, the test is conducted through and integrated joint pressure test device combined with an impact test and a power frequency freewheeling test, and uses PSCAD software for simulation analysis. The results show that the test results are basically consistent with the simulation results, verifying the power frequency freewheeling interruption capability of the arrester; the pollution has a greater impact on the freewheeling current of the lighting arrester, and the freewheeling current increases with the increase of the pollution concentration on the surface of the arrester. The continuous increase in duration, and gradually reach saturation (6.3ms), when the pollution concentration of the pollution increases, the power frequency arc will not be able to extinguish the arc; and as the concentration of pollution increases, the amplitude of the freewheeling current increases continuously. And the rising trend continues to increase.

(from magazine Electrotechnical Application 6/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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