The influence of control frequency on the dynamic property of PMSM driving system

Based on frequency domain model of PMSM driving system, suing the strategy of rotor field-orientation vector control, firstly PI controller parameters calculation method of current loop and speed loop is deduce, and then the effect of frequency increase of inverter on dynamic performance of current loop and velocity loop is researched. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that with the increase of inverter control frequency, on the basis of maintaining the optimal phase margin, the open-loop cut-off frequencies of the current loop and speed loop increase, the closed-loop bandwidth increases, the range of corresponding adjustment PI parameter increases, and the response rates increase. At the same time, the increase of control frequency also means the improvement of control precision, the decrease of ripple of current, speed and torque.

(from magazine Electrotechnical Application 6/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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