A hybrid algorithm foe saturation detection of current transformer and its engineering realization

Due to the non-lineal characteristics of the core, the ferroelectric current transformer arranged in the power system is susceptible to magnetic saturation due to external factors, which leads to the inability of the primary current to pass normally. This may causes the wrong judgment of operating condition of the protection device, but also to a certain extent, reflects the changes in TA equipment performance. In order to accurately identify TA saturation and analyze the law of equipment saturation, based on the preliminary work, based on the TA saturation of harmonic and waveform characteristic, a harmonic ratio and segmentation integration method of TA saturation detection hybrid algorithm is discussed. Aiming at the various technical problems faced by the hybrid algorithm in the practical engineering application, combining with the large number of recorded data, the hybrid algorithm is improved to improve its engineering practicability. The results show that the improved hybrid algorithm can effectively recognize TA saturation and facilitate the rapid and accurate collection of TA saturation information by using the recorded data, which creates the conditions for evaluating TA performance and analyzing the law of saturation.

 (from magazine Electrotechnical Application 6/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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