Analysis of reactive power compensation characteristics of doubly-fed machines with grid voltage fluctuation

The fluctuation of power gird voltage will have a certain effect on the output of doubly-fed machine, so reactive power compensation is needed to stabilize the power grid. In order to accurately compensate the voltage of the power network and ensure the stability of the voltage, it is necessary to analyze the output active and reactive power of doubly-fed machine when the voltage is fluctuating, to find out the value of the susceptance, and to detect the harmonics by using the active power filter (APF). The fixed capacitance component is removed from the reactive power compensator (SVC) and the voltage feedback control and the load harmonic compensation control are carried out to realize the reactive power compensation for the doubly-fed machine when the voltage fluctuates. The experimental results show that this scheme is feasible in power grid voltage. When fluctuating, the doubly-fed machine can provide the required reactive power, and the compensation effect is better, and it has higher stability.

(from magazine Electrotechnical Application 6/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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