A method for eliminating tooth-shaped harmony resonance of double fed converter

In order to solve the problems of the abnormal capacitance current in the filter circuit caused by the resonance phenomenon in the double-fed converter’s network side filter circuit caused by the tooth-shaped harmony of FIG, the principle of the generation of the tooth-shaped harmony and the resonance phenomenon of the double. Fed converter filter circuit are analyzed; the reason is that the harmonic content of the stator and rotor tooth of the doubly fed induction generator near the resonant frequency point of the filter circuit is larger. According to the cause of the resonance, it is necessary to optimize the structure of the double-fed converter network side filter circuit, which can be realized by connecting the three phase inductors in series or increasing the capacitance value of the filter capacitor in the filter capacitor circuit, and to reduce the resonant frequency of the filter circuit. The results of simulation and field test show that both series inductance and parallel capacitance measures can effectively suppress the resonance of the filter circuit.

(Abstract from magazine Electrotechnical Application 6/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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