Huawei Releases the Latest Research Results in the Field of Communication Energy

Recently, at the 2014 Global Communication Energy Summit held in Vancouver, Canada, Huawei, together with BT, Telecom Italia, China Mobile and T-Mobile, published academic papers, and released the latest research results Huawei has achieved in the field of communication energy to the participants in the industry.

The four papers published by Huawei this time are based on successful cooperation projects and joint innovation research with customers, and take "making energy simpler" and "making site more efficient" as the exploration direction of future communication power technology research. The research topics include "Consistency of Valve Controlled Sealed Lead-acid Battery", "FTTCab Remote Power Supply and FTTdp Reverse Power Supply", "Ultra Efficient Module Experiment Bureau"," LTE Outdoor Power Intelligent Management System".

Wireless battery management, remote power supply / reverse power supply, making energy simpler

"The Consistency of VRLA Batteries" points out that a large number of VRLA batteries are used in wireless stations,how to improve the consistency of battery cells is very important to the performance and life of batteries. The intelligent monitoring system can manage the performance of single battery in real time, help customers to replace the faulty battery in time, extend the service life of battery pack, and ensure the reliability of power supply system. Huawei realizes battery monitoring project wiring free through wireless communication technology, improves maintenance timeliness, and makes site operation and maintenance easier.

FTTCab remote power supply and FTTdp reverse power supply by analyzing the power supply mode of Italian Telecom FTTCab(FiberToThe Cabinet) network, it points out that using remote power supply (the power supply is provided by the operator's Central Bureau), providing high-quality power supply through centralized management, can bring about the saving of operation cost. In the future, the demand for ultra wideband services will promote the evolution of FTTCab to FTTdp (fiber to the distribution point) architecture. The use of small capacity VDSL2 / equipment close to the user end will allow the transformation from remote power supply to reverse power supply (the power supply is provided by the customer). The customer service and energy supply are closely combined, and the network power supply will be more simple and convenient.

98% super efficient power module and MTs communication power supply make the station more efficient

The Ultra Efficient Module Experiment Bureau describes the first 98% ultra efficient power module in the industry that is researched by Huawei in the current network by BT. By analyzing the systems with different load rates and configurations, BT found that the efficiency of the modified power system increased by 10-12%, and the return period of investment was less than 3 years.

The article "LTE Outdoor Power Intelligent Management System" introduces that with the large-scale deployment of LTE network, outdoor station construction faces new challenges: on the one hand, to ensure the reliable work of the main equipment, on the other hand, it needs to measure how to further improve the efficiency of the power system, eliminate residents' complaints about noise, and effectively carry out power management. Temperature control technology, noise control technology, super efficient power module hybrid technology (96% / 98%) and unified network management are effective means to solve the above problems, while Huawei's MTS (migratetowards simplicity) communication energy solutions can be provided, at the same time, MIMO energy technology can be compatible with solar energy, improve site energy efficiency for customers, and achieve green energy saving.

Through extensive cooperation and innovation practice in the field of network energy with global customers, Huawei uses its deep understanding and technical achievements in energy efficiency management to help customers build a simple, reliable, efficient and energy-saving communication network, create a good ecological environment with customers, and create a better life!

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