Construction and research of automatic detection platform for 100kWphotovoltaic grid-connected inverter

According to the characteristics of grid-connected inverter, combined with the detection standard of grid-connected inverter, the construction and research of 100kW photovoltaic automatic detection system are carried out, and means and support for photovoltaic testing are provided. The system structure, operating principle and main functions are introduced, the detection platform connected DC simulation source, AC simulation source, anti-island detection device and transformer in the same system through the remote controllable switch cabinet, the test data are acquired through the power quality analyzer, power analyzer and oscilloscope test device, systematic data analysis are treated by the main controller, realized automatic detection of grid-connected inverter. The detection system can realize the test performance of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) converters, off-grid PV inver tersand energy storage inverters. The practical application shows that the system realize automatic detection, which not only reduced the test time, but also improved the detection accuracy, with comprehensive test detection ability of the grid-connected system.(Abstract from magazine Electrotechnical Application 8/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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