A novel control strategy for high-voltage shore power supply based on cascade H bridge

As traditional shore power can’t supply the docked ship with uninterruptable power and can’t be scheduled by the power management system on the ship, a novel main circuit topology was presented based on cascade H-bridge inverter and control strategy is presented based on virtual synchronous generator. The inverter side of the shore power supply possessed the output electrical and mechanical characteristics similar to that of the diesel generator. The seamless grid-connection and load transfer between shore power and ship power are realized through the synchronism control and load transfer control and the port ships are supplied with power. At last, a Matlab/Simulink emulation model is used for testing as well as an experimental system. Simulation and experimental results verify that the main circuit topology and control strategy can fully qualify the high reliability.(Abstract from magazine Electrotechnical Application 8/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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