Research on aging mechanism of transformer insulation based on abnormal data cleaning and chaos analysis

Due to complexity of the transformer insulation aging process, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research from various angles. This paper further explores the insulation aging characteristics of transformers by studying the chromatographic data of dissolved gases in the oil of transformers. Since the chromatographic data of transformer oil is easy o contain abnormal interference data, this will affect the subsequent research on the aging mechanism of transformer insulation. Therefore, an anomaly data cleaning method based on iterative test algorithm is used to effectively identify and correct abnormal data in the original data of oil chromatography. Then, the transformer insulation aging process is divided into ten stages. From stage one to stage ten, the aging degree is deepened. The chaotic analysis method is used to extract the chaotic characteristic of the transformer oil chromatographic data under the insulation aging stage, and the transformer oil chromatography id deeply studied. The relationship between the chaotic characteristics of the data and development stage of insulation aging is researched.(Abstract from magazine Electrotechnical Application 8/2019 on theoretical analysis.)

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