Study on the influence of grounding electrode length on its ground impedance spectrum characteristics

The grounding resistance of the tower determines the lighting withstand level of the transmission line. The corrosion will lead to the breakage of the grounding electrode and the decrease in the length. In order to study the feasibility of frequency response method in the diagnosis of the grounding electrode length, the influence of the length of grounding electrode on the spectrum characteristic of grounding impedance is studied. Three simulation models of common structural grounding electrodes are built. The grounding impedance of the grounding electrode curves of impedance mode and impedance angle, the common influence rule of length to ground impedance under different structures is found. The experiment is used to verify the law, the length of the grounding electrode has a great influence on the impedance modulus when the frequency is low; when the frequency increases, the impedance modulus of the grounding electrode with different lengths is gradually the same, and the impedance angle is quite different; however, as the frequency increases further, the grounding impedance of the grounding electrode with different lengths is the same as that of the impedance angle. If the impedance modulus of 50 Hz is used as the benchmark, the frequency needed to dock the electrode length can be detected by multiplying the module value. (Abstract from magazine Electrotechnical Application 8/2019 on theoretical analysis)

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