Magnificent 70 years, striving for a new era – AVIC-TECH forging ahead on the road of power equipment localization (2)

07 Automotive Manufacturing

The most widely used robots in the industrial manufacturing field are welding robots, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, where the robot usage accounts for about 30% of the total industrial robots, and the number of welding robots accounts for about 60%.

For natural, accidental or power system reasons such as large motor startup, lightning strikes, and mutual influences between power grids, there will be voltage sags commonly known as industrial stagnation.

Solution 1: Necessary supportive load, choose AVIC AVR series dynamic voltage restorer to support ACS super capacitor solution.

Solution 2: For the key control load, the AES series green industrial UPS supporting AES series lithium iron phosphate battery solution is recommanded.

The above solutions can effectively solve the problem of voltage sags or " power swing" common in industrial sites.

08  ETC

In response to the “Implementation Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Toll Road System and the Cancellation of Toll Stations on the Provincial Boundaries of Expressways”, the State Council General Office aimed to complete ETC coverage of more than 90% by the end of 2019.

AVIC-TECH has provided power protection equipment for Beijing, Anhui and other places.

AVIC -TECH 's industrial UPS equipped with lithium battery system can effectively achieve the safety and reliability of power supply.

Dedicate its strength in response to national policy.

09 petroleum and petrochemical

the petroleum and petrochemical industry has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosion, etc.

"power swing" or power failure may cause personal injury, major environmental pollution and great economic loss.

AVIC-TECH is also working hard to promote the localization of the power supply system in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

AVR series dynamic voltage restorer is equipped with ACS super capacitor system, which can solve the problem of "power swing" on site and guarantee the necessary supporting load.

ADP series green industrial UPS is equipped with AES series lithium battery system to solve the problem of "power failure" on site and provide efficient and reliable uninterrupted power supply for key control load.

10 Overseas——the Belt and Road Initiative

In response to the country ’s “One Belt and One Road” policy and strengthening cooperation with countries along the 21st Century Silk Road, AVIC-TECH provides uninterruptible power supply solutions products and services to many overseas countries, such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan , Nepal, Belarus, Czechoslovakia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Brazil and other countries provide UPS systems. At the same time, promoting localization,developing foreign markets, and make Chinese manufacturing to the world stage.

From nuclear power plants to Daxing airport, from semiconductor manufacturing to Beijing subway, from home to abroad AVIC-TECH always adheres to the method of "highly engineering component", carries forward the attitude of "craftsman spirit", and quickly and effectively provides users with "customized" power solutions.

With the support of the national policy of "building a strong country in science and technology, quality, space, network, transportation, digital China, and smart society, strengthening the construction of national innovation system, establishing a technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guide, and in-depth integration of production, learning and research, and promoting the transformation of science and technology results", all the people of AVIC-TECH must be responsible for their mission and not forget their original intention, in order to promote the localization of power equipment, aiming to achieve "let China fall in love with made in China" in the new era.

About Avic-tech

Avic-Tech (Xiamen)Electric Power Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high-end power supply. Our flagship products are industrial UPS (1kVA-800kVA), dynamic voltage restorer (10kVA-2000kVA), and lithium battery system, which are widely used in nuclear power, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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