Magnificent 70 years, striving for a new era – AVIC-TECH forging ahead on the road of power equipment localization (1)

01 Unclear power fills in the domestic blanks

China's yesterday had been inscribed in human history while China's today is being created in the hands of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, China will surely have an even brighter future. This is the keynote speechby H.E. Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China. As power manufacturing enterprise, AVIC-TECH is deeply liked by customers in the industrial power area. We continuously insist on the core value of all in for reliability. We have industry customized power solution with independent IP and have been applied in various areas, which not only makes great contribution for the green development of domestic intelligent energy ,but also pushes forward the process of localization.

▲AVIC-TECH is one of the two UPS manufacturing enterprises in China that obtained permitting certificate of designing and manufacturing unclear safety power equipment for civil use , which is issued by national unclear safety bureau.

“The products own complete independent IP, and belong to the first set of IE grade and K3 UPS equipment with full analog control circuit technology in unclear power plant, which fills in domestic blanks, its main technology indexes reach the advanced level of similar international products.

● Green and low-carbon development had been stressed in 19th National Congress, unclear power is the vital part of new energy in

● Nuclear power technology is a major technology related to national security, the research and development of IE grade UPS in AVIC-TECH unclear power plant are an important step for the independent and domestic construction of national nuclear power.

02 The first set of high-voltage DC breaker in the world 

The first set of high-voltage DC breaker in the world has been installed successfully in the Zhouding Converter Station of Zhoushan Multi-terminal Flexible DC Project in Zhejiang,The high-voltage DC circuit breaker of Zhouding Converter Station adopts ± 200kV cascaded full-bridge hybrid DC circuit breaker, which was independently developed by the State Grid Corporation of China to fully realize domestic production.

——Xinhua News Agency 2016/11/24

AVIC-TECH was invited to join the glorious team of "the world's first set of high-voltage DC circuit breakers". It attaches great importance to the formation of a technical team of "high-voltage DC circuit breakers. Guided byMr.He, the head of engineers, with 30 years’ UPS R & D and application experience.AVIC-TECHforged ahead and overcame difficulties, upheld the spirit of artisan, we did load analysis of Zhouding conversion station site in Zhoushan Multi-terminal Flexible DC Project, and also surveyed the site environment, we customized the scheme of N plus 1 parallel redundant industrial power solution specially used for high-voltage DC breaker in time. The scheme satisfied the special need of user in aspects as protection degree, anti-seismic degree and immunity degree, which is deeply appreciated by users.

03  First of the Seven Wonders of the New World

★ In the 70Thanniversary of the founding of PRC, Daxing international airport embraced the highlight time after seven times’ integrate simulation exercises and 3 times’ test flights. The airport is apprised as the first of seven wonders in the new world, and is also the world's first to be designed with double-deck departure and double-deck arrival platforms. China demonstrates the strength and china spirit by its quality and speed.

★ With the development of domestic production and market, in order to catch up the trend, AVIC-TECH independently developed industrial UPS and lithium battery system solutions. More than 70 sets of equipment are selected during the construction of Daxing international airport, which is the industry's affirmation of AVIC's product solutions. We select high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery            as backup saving energy, greatly reduced floor space and weight, at the same time it increases service life of the equipment. BMS is also equipped in lithium battery, which improves safety,

predictability and manageability of whole program.

04  The first urban subway in China

Beijing Metro line 1

It is the first urban subway in China, its length is 31.03km. there are 23 stations and 2 depots. It goes under Changan road, passes through Tiananmen,

It responsibles for passenger flow transfers from multiple lines, it has the largest domestic operation density, and also one of the busiest urban rail transit lines.

AVIC-TECH follows the wave of "localization",

Customized "Metro dedicated power solution",

For Beijing Metro Line 1, Line 5, Line 13,

The command center provides uninterrupted power supply protection.

The 18th CPC National Congress emphasizes leading by innovation, promotes green and low carbon development. AVIC-TECH’s green industrial UPS + magnetic levitation flywheel energy storage system solution innovatively brings safer, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly solutions to urban rail transit.

05  Leading semiconductor manufacturing company

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry and the first professional integrated circuits manufacturing company. AVIC-TECH has been provided tens of high-power green industrial UPS systems for its sole proprietorshipsubsidiary company in mainland China since 2006, and the products have not been reported as emergency case ever since.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation is one of the leading foundries in the world, is Mainland China’s most advanced and largest foundry, broadest in technology coverage, and most comprehensive in semiconductor manufacturing services. AVIC-TECH has provided tens of products and service for SMIC’s plants in Beijing and Tianjing by now.

The China and US trade friction promotes the continuous autonomy and localization of related equipment in the semiconductor industry.

Integrated scheme is selected by power solution for semiconductor from AVIC-TECH, which solves the original problem in split solution that different voltage levels and frequency levels in different countries are not being monitored by equipment hosts, it not only reduces footprint for machine, but also improves usability and also saves cost for users.

06 Smart city

With improvement of national modernization of national governance system and governance capacity , developing theory of innovation, coordination, green and openness is gradually accepted by people, building the strong country by using internet and national big data,implementation of internet+ action plan and construction of “data China “, these strategies are developing continuously, our cities are forced into new content and demands, it pushes the traditional smart city transfer into new-type smart city, and brings whole new developing opportunities to the city construction.

Innovative solution brought by AVIC-TECH, select high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery as a backup energy storage component, which is matched with independently developed UPS uninterruptible power supplies, inverters and other equipment to provide safer and greener loads for solar street lights, video monitoring, servers and other loads in smart cities Power solution. Currently 500+ sets of equipment are running well.

About Avic-tech

Avic-Tech (Xiamen)Electric Power Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of high-end power supply. Our flagship products are industrial UPS (1kVA-800kVA), dynamic voltage restorer (10kVA-2000kVA), and lithium battery system, which are widely used in nuclear power, electric power, petroleum and petrochemical, rail transportation, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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