AVIC-TECH Industrial UPS and Lithium Battery Craftsman System Support Beijing Daxing International Airport Project

On the morning of September 25th, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, 46 kilometers south along the central axis of Tiananmen Square, the world's largest single terminal building was hailed by the British "Guardian" as "the first of the Seven Wonders of the New World" "Beijing Daxing International Airport, after 7 comprehensive simulation exercises and 3 verification flight tests, finally ushered in its highlight moment of" Phoenix Spreads its Wings, Dreams of the Sky "


Daxing Airport's sci-fi blockbuster appearance, breathtaking features, powerful integrated transportation system, super intimate service design, etc., showing high technology in every detail. China once again uses speed and quality to show the world "China Power "And" Chinese spirit "!


AVIC-TECH has complied with the localization trend and market development needs, and the independently developed industrial UPS + lithium battery system solution has been successfully applied to many industries. More than 70 sets of equipment of AVIC-TECH are selected for the Daxing airport project, which is the industry's affirmation of the product solution of AVIC-TECH. We also make quality and safety first through all links to ensure the high reliable power supply guarantee for the airport electricity safety.


Main features of industrial UPS + lithium battery system solution:

01 Industrial UPS has high reliability and stability

02 Select high quality lithium iron phosphate battery as backup energy storage, greatly reduce the floor area and weight, and improve the overall service life of the equipment

03 Built-in BMS management system for lithium battery, effectively improving the safety, predictability and manageability of the overall solution


Active innovators of new products, new technologies and new industries:

China's first pure analog control technology nuclear power plant class 1E UPS manufacturer

China's first UPS manufacturer to provide UPS support for the world's first set of HVDC circuit breakers for flexible direct transmission projects

Main domestic manufacturers of high-end UPS equipment in nuclear power, electric power, industrial manufacturing, rail transit, petroleum and petrochemical industries


In recent years, AVIC-TECH has always adhered to the core values of "All in for reliability"! The company's customized power supply solutions with independent intellectual property rights have been successively applied to nuclear power plants, rail transit, semiconductor manufacturing, power, petroleum and petrochemical, marine engineering and other industrial fields, contributing to the green development of domestic smart energy and the "localization" process!


From high-speed rail to large aircraft, from satellites to nuclear power plants, from Tianyan to Daxing Airport, every step China takes is full of hardships!

From power plants to nuclear power plants, from petroleum and petrochemicals to the Beijing subway, from semiconductor manufacturing to Daxing Airport, AVIC-TECH adheres to the "highly engineered componentization" approach, conforms to the trend of "Industry 4.0", carries forward the "artisan spirit" attitude, and quickly Effectively provide users with "tailored" power supply solutions, and make unremitting efforts to achieve "Let China fall in love with Made in China"!

Beijing Daxing International Airport, we are proud of you!

Happy birthday China!

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